Easy to clean

Our Custom Car Mats are simply the easiest mats to clean in the car mat industry. Why you may ask? First and foremost, unlike traditional fabric mats, the high quality, soft faux leather our mats are made from does not act as a magnet for debris, dirt, mud, and other elements; so when the time comes to clean your set of Custom Car Mats vacuuming is not needed in most cases unless a substantial amount of debris/dirt has accumulated on the mats; all that is needed to make the mats look like new again is to wipe them clean with a microfiber or towel with soap and water or a mild cleaning agent for best results.

Made from top tier quality material

The Custom Car Mats are made out of faux leather. The Car Mats have multiple layers that make the mats resistant against all weather while being luxurious and comfortable. The mats are waterproof and do great in all seasons. Absolutely no water will get through the mats meaning our mats protect your vehicles original carpet from all types of weather. Our mats are very durable compared to our competitors and our mats can even be pressure washed!

About The Right Buy

The Right Buy is a Canadian based company that established in 2015. Since than we have been providing our customers with high quality custom car mats and custom seat covers that fit their personal needs.

Drag the circle to see the vehicle's interior transform with The Right Buy's Custom Car Mats

  • Installation is very simple and straightforward. No tools or unique abilities are required.

  • The Right Buy mats do not only provide maximum coverage for your vehicles interior, they also enhance the looks of your vehicle.

  • Each set of mats is hand-stitched by our craftsmen and will be custom made according to your vehicle model.

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The Right Buy Custom Car Mats

Are they worth the money?

Customer Testimonials

Wayne Walker

I was unhappy when the mats arrived with creases in them from being folded for packaging but after I got them installed and saw how nice they looked in the car with the creases barely visible I relented and decided they enhanced the interior of the car’s appearance

Steffen Gagnon

Wont ever do business with another company for car mats. I am a professional car detailer and buy in bulk from The right buy. I must have sold these to about 20 customers so far and I had nothing but excellent feedback. Also cant forget to mention the great price they hook me up with. At first it was unbelievable I was thinking the quality wouldn’t be good as price was very low compare to others but they proved me wrong. Nothing but good to say about these guys. So happy I found you guys!!!

Philippe Belisle

I wish to thank " The Right Buy " car mat company for helping me in getting the proper mats for my car. I was very impressed that you took my concern seriously and resolved in a very reasonable time. It was much appreciated and I will have no problem in ordering again from you.